Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gentlemen, start your engines

Earlier this month, my little guy turned 5. Hard to believe that he is 5, but sadly I must accept this fact. For this year's party, he requested a Hot Wheels theme. At first I had no idea what the cake was going to look like. Last year's cake was a Cars theme, and I didn't want to repeat that. After thinking about it awhile, I still had no idea what the cake was going to look like. Some cakes are just like that, I don't get a clear vision of them until I'm actually making them. Thankfully I finally got my act together and was able to make his cake.

Happy 5th Birthday to my little man!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All in the family

My lastest cake tasting was for my brother inlaw Dan and future sister inlaw Melanie. I am looking forward to this cake because of the honor they have bestowed on me to make their special cake.
We had quite the group at this tasting with my inlaws, sister inlaw and Melanie's parents joining the happy couple.
The group got to taste the cake flavors of chocolate, almond, red velvet, lemon poppyseed and vanilla along with buttercream flavors of almond, coffee, vanilla, caramel and chocolate fudge and raspberry fillings.  The bride and groom choose wisely and we came up with a cake design that I can't wait to create.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Set, shoot, score!!!!

And here is the second cake for the brothers. This one is for the youngest brother, Roberto. Mom said he liked hockey and other sports, but I decided to stick with the hockey theme.
Because I did periodic element table tiles for his brother's cake, I choose to use hockey jersey for this one.

A hockey puck border, hockey sticks and stars graced the side of the cake to complete the theme.
The team name on the top of the puck was created to represent their family.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blinded me with science

Back in May, I was asked to make cakes for two brothers. This post is about the oldest brother's cake, Silverio. His Mom told me that he is into science and his favorite color is green. Here is his cake...
I was happy to find that there were elements with the symbol of H, B and S to make the top.
Can't have a science cake without some molecules and periodic table tiles.
And of course you need a beaker containing some sparkling chemical.