Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All a Flutter

One of the moms from my playgroup asked if I could make the cake for her daughter's birthday. Wendy said she would like something with butterflies. She also stated that she was planning on using blues, purples and greens, and nothing pastel.

The cake was a white cake with two layers filled with lemon curd and the third layer filled with a strawberry filling. I was going for a strawberry lemonade flavor combination.

I thought it would be fun to have the butterflies flying up the side of the cake. The flower's petals were actually made from the large butterfly wings that I had made to put on the cake, but decided not to use.

All the butterflies were hand painted. I figured by hand painting them, I would keep the color bright and vibrant. This was a fun cake to create and I really like how the butterflies turned out.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chugging Along and Constructing Some Cakes

My friends Aimee and Laura had a joint party for their boys, who just happen to be the best of friends. Their cakes were a lot of fun to create, incorporating the likes of each boy. I wanted each cake to be different but coordinate with one another so they looked good together at the party.

Josh loves diggers, so Aimee gave me a bunch of toy diggers to use on his cake.

We went with a construction theme for Josh's cake, which was chocolate with a chocolate filling. I loved the way the rocks, made from marshmallow fondant, turned out.

For Noah's cake, which was vanilla cake with vanilla filling, we went with a train theme.

Laura gave me this great little train set to use on Noah's cake. I had fun making the train seem to go through the cake. I also like how the trees give some added color to the whole cake.

The boys both loved their cakes, which made me very happy to hear. This was a different way of doing cakes for me. It's not too often I get to use toys to decorate cakes. I liked how each cake got to represent the little boy it was created for. Happy belated Birthday Noah and Happy Early Birthday Josh.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Gift of Cake

So my cake challenge for this past weekend was to make a cake for two precious little girls for a joint birthday party. A mom from my playgroup Stacy, had first asked if I could make a cake and a smash cake for her daughter Violet's 1st birthday party. She had no particular theme, but wanted a cake that looked like a present and wanted the ribbon to be violet in color. Then she decided to have a joint birthday party for Violet and her other daughter Lily, so we added another smash cake to the order. At first, when asked, Lily said her favorite color was red and therefore I was going to put a red ribbon on her cake. Then she changed her mind to pink, so we went with a pink ribbon, and then used both pink and violet ribbon on the large cake to tie everything together.

Sorry this picture isn't better. I think I need to take some classes on photography when I'm not making cakes.
For the smash cake, I made over sized cupcakes, leveled of the tops, turned them over and made little presents out of them.

The ribbons and name cards were made out of marshmallow fondant.

The cake, a pink lemonade cake with lemon curd filling, was frosted in a pale yellow buttercream. I took great care in making sure the yellow did not get to bright so that the cake would in no way resemble a Minnesota Vikings cake. That would not be looked upon favorably here in Packer country.

I made the ribbon loops and name cards the night before so they could dry and then me put into place. The flowers are made out of marshmallow fondant and then hand painted.