Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Cat's Meow

This past week, I took on a cake challenge for myself. My little girl Mackenzie is turning three tomorrow, and this past weekend was her party. So I had to pull out all the stops to make her cake. The theme I went with this year was cats. Kenzie loves cats and sometimes even pretends to be one. I had seen a 3D cat cake on flickr and crazy me, decided to make that cake for the party. This was my first ever 3D cake, and first time having to crave a cake (if you have ever seen Ace of Cakes, you have seen them doing this to cake). I will admit there was a time that this cat cake was either going to end up headless or not at all, as the head came very close to being thrown across the room. Thankfully, once I made a few changes to the cake and the vision in my head, everything came together.

To start, I assembled the body. Here is pre-craving ...

...and here is post craving, iced and ready for fondant.

Now the colors I used for the party were pink, orange and green. Since Kenzie's birthday is in the dead of winter, I wanted bright fun colors. Because of that, I decided to make the cat orange.

Body complete with legs and tail. This part went so well, that I was ready to brave making the head, with very high hope for it to go as smoothly as the body did.

The head ready for craving. Feeling really good still at this point. Sadly, my hopes were dash pretty fast, and things were looking bleak for our little cat here. Thankfully after 4 attempts (and they say third times a charm-ha!) I came up with the following...

A head for the cat!

Notice the cat is smiling...it was very happy too that it didn't go airborne.

Here is the final cat cake. For not really knowing what I was doing, I'm happy with how the cake turned out.

Back view of the cake, complete with pretty pink bow.

Wanting to make sure I had enough cake for everyone, I made some matching cupcakes. They were never in any danger of flying across the room.

Our happy birthday girl with her cat cake. This picture alone makes any trouble I had with the cake all worth it.

And because we didn't have enough cat stuff for the party, I made these cookies as favors for the kids.


  1. Very, very cute! Almost as cute as Miss Kenzie!!!

  2. Hi Kris,

    I am happy for you that the cat came out so well. The fact that Kenzie "LOVED" it was all the accolade you needed, I'm sure. It was a hit!!! Glad Dad and I could share the day with all of you. Love, MOM

  3. Amazing!
    Great Job ... love the face and the paws, very cute touch.