Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So Which One Are You?

Last week, I shared some snowman cookie pops that I had made for my bunco night.

Remember these?

I had planned to make them again after my husband volunteered to bring dessert to his work party. But when I went to dipped them last night, I realized I did not have enough white chocolate to make 2 dozen of them. So, I started thinking up other ideas. Now mind you, December has been an extra crazy month for me with cookie orders, cake orders and then the everyday crazies that any household has, and my brain was kind of fried at this point.
Then like a lightening bolt, it struck me! I knew how to decorate these tasty looking dark chocolate dipped cookie pops. I decided they needed to ask the age old holiday question.
Well, which one are you? Would Santa bring you this treat?

These are pretty easy treats to make. Sorry I have no pictures of assembling them, I always think about it right after I finish up the last one. I figured I could walk you through it with no pictures, so here goes. First you separate your Oreos into two halves. Then dip the lolli pop stick in some melted chocolate. Place it in the cream section of the cookie and then put the second half of the cookie back on top. Let set...yep pretty much that simple. After they are together, cover in melted chocolate just like you would a cake pop, standing them in a piece of sytrofoam so they dry with no flat bottoms. To make the cookie pops above, I took some melted white chocolate and wrote nice. I let the chocolate completely dry so I would be able to put it face down.

Next, I took a reddish pink chocolate I had leftover from another project to write the word naughty on the other side of the cookie pop.

For display, I took a small box, covered it in one of those leftover pieces of wrapping paper you always have from wrapping gifts, you know the ones I mean. I put in a piece of sytrofoam and ended up with this display.
I just want to end by saying I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks so much for reading my little blog here. :)

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  1. Love it! I've been nice most of the time, with just enough naughty to make life interesting! : )