Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Building a Cake

Back in May, I was asked to make a LEGO cake. Actually first it was to be an ice cream LEGO cake, but then it was changed to a chocolate cake (the best kind next to ice cream) that looked like a LEGO. As a kid, I used to love LEGOS. I had hundreds of them and was always building something from them. So this cake brought back all the memories of my childhood LEGOS. My friend Tami pretty much gave me freedom to make this look how ever I wanted. She just asked for a basic LEGO color. I went with yellow because I figured it would create fewer colorfull tongues and less stains should it drop on any clothing. I used small red and blue fondant LEGOS to add a little more color and interest to the cake. The knobs on top of the cake were made out of cake pop mix, so getting one of those pieces was extra special.
Sadly, I was kind of out of it the week I made this, so this is the only picture I took of the cake.

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