Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Tasting

Come this October, I will be making a wedding cake. I'm very excited for this cake, as I believe it is going to be quite beautiful, not to mention taste great. It's not that I'm tooting my own horn, it's just I really like what the bride, the groom and their family came up with for this cake. But before the cake can be made, a tasting was in order to narrow down exactly what I would be creating in October.

I wanted the bride and groom to have the royal treatment, as it is their special day, and they picked me to make their cake instead of going to a bakery.
I had four different flavors of buttercreams, one chocolate fudge filling and an incredible raspberry filling I love to use.
At the bride's request, I made a white cake and a chocolate cake, and then surprised them with spice cake.

The balls were marshmallow fondant and the squares were white modeling chocolate. Although the cake will not be covered in either, that decorations will be made from the fondant (bride's choice after much tasting done by the groom).  You will have to come back in October to see the end result of this tasting. :)

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