Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grab your Purse

The begining of this September gave me an oppurtunity to have fun, and experiment with decorating a cake. September 2nd is the birthday of our neighbor across the street. Since we have become very good friends, I sent a text to her husband to see if it would be ok for me to make something for her. He enthusiastically said yes, and a cake was born.
I have been wanting to make a purse cake, so I thought this would be the perfect chance to try.  Looked at a couple of pictures and then came up with the pink purse in the middle of this photo.

And what's a purse without a string of pearls? The pearl earrings were my daughter Samantha's idea. I like how they added to the whole appearence.

To let the birthday girl know the cake was her's, a golden key with a monogram key ring. She loved it all, and told me it took her a while before she could actually cut into it to eat the cake.

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