Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All you need is...

According to the Beatles, it's love. But if you ask others, they just might tell you cake, and even more to the point, chocolate cake. I personally like both, but for this post, we are going to go with the chocolate cake. September 13th is my loving in-laws anniversary. And this year they celebrated 40 years together. So, their children (along with me) decided to throw them a surprise party at their house (although we told them the night before so they wouldn't be too surprised). My husband and I were in charge of bringing the burgers, brats, some beer and cake (really all you need for a party in Wisconsin). So I set out to have some fun making the cake. Now I should tell you (just in case you don't know this already) that the 40th anniversary is ruby. This got the little old gears in the brain a turning and came up with me making a red cake. While I have worked with color fondant before, I have never covered an entire cake with color fondant...until now. I went with making some red marshmallow fondant (sorry no recipe this time, I will try in a future post) with white fondant cutout flowers. If I do say so myself, the cake turn out very nicely, and I was super happy with it. I will say this being the first time working with marshmallow fondant, it's very simple to make, nice to roll out (as long as you don't use too much cornstarch, which I kinda did) and taste good too. So I don't have any recipes today for you all, but you could use any cake and frosting you wanted and make a cake like this. Here is the covering of the cake from start to finish.

Cake is iced and ready to go. Refrigerate the cake

for about 1 hour to set up your frosting before covering

with fondant.

Tools you will need for rolling out the fondant.

Roll fondant out in a square shape for easy covering.

After covering the cake, I rerolled the fondant and

then cut out long strips to wrap around the bottom of the

cake to look like ribbons, and hide any spaces where

the fondant may not of covered the cake.

I rolled out some white fondant, then using four

different size flower cutters and a large round tip,

created my fondant cutouts. I glued them to the cake

by brushing a little water on the backs.

Almost finished...

I cut out a fondant plaque, and using a food coloring

maker (wonderful things to have for this and decorating

cookies), put the finishing touches on the cake.


  1. Okay, Kris, I am coming in as anonymous!!!! The cake turned out really nice. It is so great to have a pastry chef in the family! I'll just add to this comment about the apple tarts. WOW!! THey look so yummy that I plan to make them for club next month and serve them warm with vanilla ice cream!! Making myself drool here!!!! Keep up the good work. Love, MOM

  2. those little flowers are great!