Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Going to the Chapel

With Christmas just next month, this is crazy cookie season for me. So prepare to have visions of dancing sugar cookies in you head.

A friend of mine from the playgroup I'm in here in Green Bay, took the plunge and got married at the end of October. To celebrate this happy day, one of the other Moms organized a bridal shower for her. At first, I was asked if I could make a cake for the shower. But here in Wisconsin, you have to have a license to make and sell goodies, so the restaurant wasn't to keen on me bring in the cake. Since cake was out of the question, I asked if I could make the favor for the party. I had seen a wedding cake cookie favor on one of the many blogs I check out, and really wanted to make them for the shower. Below, you won't find any recipes... sorry I can't share me sugar cookie recipe, but I will show you how to make these fun favors.

And since I do have a lot of cookies ( and some other treats I want to make in the next two weeks), I will be posting addition blogs this week. Plus, I am planning my first giveaway, so make sure to check back this week to enter.

I iced the sugar cookies with a royal icing and then let them dry so I could assemble them. The bottom tier is made up of 3 large rounds and the top tier is 2 smaller rounds.

To assemble, use a small dollop of royal icing to attach the tiers together. This way they stay together, but can be easily separated when you are ready to enjoy.

To decorate the top of the wedding cake, I made tiny fondant flowers, using the end of a paint brush and my hand to help shape the flower. Here they are drying, so they will hold their shape on top of the cake.

Now with the flower (plus a little fondant leaf) on top, the wedding cake favor is almost ready for your party.

Place the cookie cake in a little bag and tie off with some pretty ribbon, and you have the finished favor ready for a party. These could also make great wedding favors.


  1. These are delightful and so much more creative than the old jordan almonds or Hershey kisses in netting!!!! Love them, Kris. Love, MOM

  2. And they were delish too. Loved these Kris.