Thursday, November 19, 2009

Serve Out

This should be my last cookie post of the week. I have had a lot of fun making cookies I haven't done before. And I've been very pleased at how they have been turning out.

My husband came home last week after his Thursday night volleyball game, and said he needed a treat to take with him to next week's game. It seems his team has been razzing him as to why they hadn't been brought any goodies. One of his fellow teammates (hi Michelle) follows my blog and has told others on the team about it. So, to make everyone happy, I made up some volleyball cookies. Now I will be the first one to tell you I know very little about volleyball, but at least I do know what the ball looks like. Plus, I had seen volleyball cookies on The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle blog, and decided that is what I would have to make for the team.

I included step by step pictures of how exactly I decorated these cookies so you too could make them for your volleyball player.

So like all my cookies, I iced these guys with royal icing and let them dry at least 8 hours. I had to make sure they where completely dry so that when I wrote on top, it wouldn't break through the icing. With a food coloring marker (and I must say who ever create these is a genius) I made a mark in the center of the cookie.

From there I divided the cookie into thirds. I made the lines with a bit of a curve to help give the cookie a 3-D appearance.

Then I divided each line into thirds to make where my next lines should be drawn.

After that, all I did was draw the remaining lines of the volleyball. Once again I gave the lines a slight curve.

Now I should say, you could stop right there and the cookies look great. But because I'm me, and I had some sugar dust, I didn't. So here is how I finished my cookies off.

Using a little water, I carefully brushed over the lines that I had drawn on. You don't want to use too much water because you will make the food coloring lines blur and even disappear.

Then using a baby spoon, I sprinkled my sugar dust (also might be called glimmer sugar, edible dust) all over the cookies. The dust will stick where ever there is water. Then I tapped off the excess dust and took a clean and dry paint brush to dust off any of the sugar that was on the white part of the cookie.

And here they are, some yummy, glittery volleyball cookies that are sure to score with any team. (sorry couldn't help myself on that last line)

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  1. Thanks again Kris for the cookies! They were a hit (ha, that was bad) before our match...but unfortunately didn't help our game. (i think we are beyond help...but at least we have fun!!) Michelle