Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can you Show me How to Get...

So here is the post I should have posted before my last post, but was so busy making goodies for my last post that I forgot to post it. Make sense? Anyway, this is the cake I made for my friend Gina's son Cooper. He turned two in early March. Gina had decided to go with a Sesame Street theme and asked me to make Cooper's cake. Gina was making some Sesame Street character cupcakes and wanted the street sign as the birthday cake.

Here is the finished product. I iced the cake with buttercream and then used marshmallow fondant for the lettering and the outline of the cake. I was hoping for a darker green, but didn't want to kill the icing with food coloring.

I ready liked how the yellow fondant curved on the bottom of the cake here.

Here is the cake at the party. I love the cupcakes Gina made and I think the birthday cake looked great with them.

I added this picture to show that I almost had a cake wreck on my hands. Can you see the problem, I'll give you a minute...

Yep, I spelled Cooper's name wrong. Thankfully, my husband came home and pointed out my mistake and I was able to fix my error. I was mortified that I did this, and yes Gina did see this picture as I sent it over to see if she wanted me to change anything with the cake. Right after I sent her the picture, I sent another message about the blunder and sincere apologizes. Still a little mortified that I did this. I'm just so glad the cake was fixed before the birthday boy got to enjoy it and his party.


  1. We LOVED the cake (which was reserved for the adults at the party). Everyone raved at the deliciousness. No worries about the "typo". It was an easy fix. Thanks again, Kris!

  2. So funny! My maiden name was Cooper and I got the double P lots! The cake was adorable either way. ; )