Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cookies for Gabby

Last week, a friend from my playgroup, asked me to make some cookies for her daughter's naming ceremony. She asked that the cookies have the design and colors similar to the dress that Gabby would be wearing. Gabby's dress was this beautiful purple color and I must say it was fun having a base icing on the cookies that wasn't white.

I have to say sorry now, as my pictures are not the best. Don't know really what was going on, but I couldn't get a good shot to save my life that day.

Tools of the trade. Whoever thought up food coloring makers was a genius. They came in very handy when decorating these cookies.

A clean slate ready to be decorated.

I started off by doing the outline of the design. I tried to work one color at a time to make myself more efficient. Don't really know if I accomplished this or not since this was the first time I was doing these and I had given myself plenty of time before the shipping deadline (I'm good like that).

The yellow center is added.

It's a shame I'm such a bad photographer and that I couldn't get a true picture of the colors on the cookie. Here I added the purple touches to the cookie.

And to finish off the cookie, the green leaf is added and the flower is colored in blue. After all the cookies were decorated, they were shipped off to Arizona for the ceremony. Happily they made it there with only a few causalities which quickly became quality control tests.

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