Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Sweet Game

This past weekend I had the pleasure of making a birthday cake and smash cakes for three very cute kiddos. My good friends Aimee, Stephanie and Kara had a joint birthday party for their newly turned 2 year olds. After much thought, they came up with a Candyland theme and asked if I could make a cake like the game board.

This was my interpertation of the Candyland game. I based my design more on the original Candyland game instead of the new updated versions. The cake was marble, with a raspberry filling and a vanilla buttercream.

I was very proud of myself with the making of the playing cards. They were made with white chocolate and then I made them "double" to represent the kids' 2nd birthday. Also due to a big brother's peanut allergy, I made the peanuts out of caramels.

For the smash cakes, I decorated each one with a different candy and a fondant gingerbread man playing piece.
A sweet cake for three very sweet birthday kids. I'll play this version of Candyland anytime.


  1. What a fantastic Idea! Great job :)


  2. How can we reach you via email?

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