Thursday, February 10, 2011

Go Pack Go

I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The happiest place on Earth right now. Everyone here is in heaven over the Packers' Super Bowl win! On what turned out to be the best day in the month of February (so far), we held our annual Super Bowl Party. I made some Packer themed treats for everyone to enjoy as they enjoyed watching the game. And I think the two Steeler fans who were here enjoyed the treats too.

First, I made some rice krispes pops dipped in chocolate. I have seen these on many different blogs and thought it would be fun to have all the desserts on a stick.
I was so, so happy when I found football shaped Oreos. They were perfect for the game. I got the sprinkles for the cake pops at my favorite local cake supply store. Nothing say Go Packers like green and yellow and football sprinkles.
My idea of having all the desserts on a stick ended when I decided that I didn't have enough desserts for the party. So the day of (about 1 1/2 hour before guest were arriving), I quickly made up these mini brownie cupcakes with a dollop of chocolate frosting. And of course some Packer sprinkles.

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  1. wow! Football shaped Oreos!? hah that's awesome. :) Everything looks really great. I'm not into football.. but I would definitely come to your party. :)