Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teacher, Teacher, Can You Teach Me

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This year I didn't make the kids treats to take in with their valentines. One, because one of the my kids' classes has a student who is allergic to nuts, and we have been asked not to send in homemade treats for that student's safety, and two, because I would have needed 56 cake pops to cover just the kids! That doesn't even include the teachers, which between my three children, there are 6 of, and I always like to give the teachers a little something. So this year, I just made some special treats for them, and it wasn't cake pops ,which three of the teachers might be a little upset about since they have had them the past two years and this is their last year to get them...oh well.

This year I made cookies.
I started off by baking some rectangle cookies and icing them in green royal icing.

After they dried, I made a border with brown marshmallow fondant.

Then I cut up some straws and filled them with melted white chocolate. I put the straws in the freezer for just a little bit, and then peel away the straw to reveal a stick of white chocolate.

I dusted the green royal icing with a little powdered sugar and attached heart sugar cookie that I had iced and sprinkled with light pink sugar. I glued the heart in place with some melted white chocolate.

Then I glued on the sticks of white chocolate, or chalk as it was meant to look like, and I was all finished with my sugar cookie chalkboards for my children's teachers. I hope they enjoy them. :)

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