Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby, Baby, Baby

My friend Cecilia was hosting a shower for a friend and asked me to make some cookies for the affair. Cecilia was going with a baby elephant theme for the little boy to be, and found some very cute cookies on pinterest. So after finding a elephant cookie cutter at my favorite cake supply store, and tweaking the cutter a bit to make it more cartoonish then realistic, the cookies were made.

I used my basic sugar cookie recipe and then outlined the elephants in blue royal icing.

Once the outline was dried, I used a thinner royal icing to "flood" the inside of the cookie.

I piped an upside down green teardrop for the elephant's ear.

Once again I used the flooding technique to fill in the ear. I also added a black dot for the baby elephant's eye.

After the ear was completely dry, I piped on a simple white royal icing heart to complete the baby elephant.

1 comment:

  1. Kris,

    These are just too cute to eat!

    Aunt Cathy