Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's Black and White and Yummy all over?

In the wonderful month of March, both my sister and I celebrate our birthdays. When I asked my sister Jodi what she wanted for her birthday this year, she replied nothing. Shortly after her response, I was shopping and saw exactly what I wanted to get her, or more like make her, for her birthday. Now I swear I meant to take more pictures, but when I was working on these I was also dealing with another cookie order, a child coming home from school with the start of a head cold (that I would later get and still have now) and a dying battery on the camera. So two little pictures is all I have to share today (sorry). First for Jodi's gift, I made some sugar cookies and iced them in royal icing. Then while they icing was still wet...

I topped the cookies with these little cuties! This is what I found shopping that one day that gave me my aha present moment. These are also what I was planning on taking more pictures of, like a picture of the package so you could see all of them. These edible paper decals are by Cake Mate. I picked out the black and white decals because they had two designs with bumble bees. My sister loves bumble bees. The other designs were flowers and circles. I'm telling you, these things couldn't have been any easier. All you really do is pull them off the paper and put the decal on top of wet icing. After that let them dry, and you have a very cool looking cookie that people will wonder "How did they do that?".

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  1. And they were a perfect birthday present! So cute and very yummy (like all your creations!) Of course I loved the bumble bees best!! Thanks and love!