Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A 1st for Sweet Natalie.

Last week I worked on making the cake and smash cake for my friend Aimee's daughter Natalie. Aimee had picked a cupcake theme for the party and showed me the decorations she had ordered. After looking at them, I had my idea for the cake and smash cupcake. And Aimee made it very easy on me by letting me make what ever shape cake I wanted and allowing me free reign in the decorating. Her only request was chocolate, and chocolate it was.

Dark chocolate cake with a chocolate fudge filling cover in a light pink buttercream.

First step, pink strips.

Next I added a touch of purple.

And then finished the sides with the white fondant strips.

Then for some more color, and to hide the end of the strips, I put pink, purple and yellow dots for a border.

I got a oversized muffin tin as an early Christmas gift, and was very exciterd to get to use it right away. I put extra buttercream on top, to make sure I had enough of a top for the fondant to sit on and look like the cupcake from the decorations.

Some more dots for sprinkles and topped with a fondant cherry.

Happy 1st Birthday Natalie!

Natalie has two little friends who also have their birthdays around this time, so Aimee asked if I could make them each a cupcake to go along with Natalie's smash cake. I hope all the little girls enjoyed their cupcakes.

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