Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Quickie

Today is going to be a quick post, because I really don't have anything to show you all. I have been busy making stuff, but I have this rule that I don't post what I have been working on, if the person I have been making something for hasn't seen it yet. I think it's only fair that they be the first to see their cupcakes (cookies, cakes, etc) especially if it's a order they placed with me. Now I do have something I should be able to post tomorrow afternoon, if I can find the time with the mad dash that will be going on here today and tomorrow. You see, tomorrow night we head out East to celebrate Christmas with my family. And even though I've been crazy busy with decorating the house, celebrating Thanksgiving, getting a new tooth, and trying to get everything together for this trip, I have been working on special cupcakes to take with. I will post them next Tuesday as everyone I made them for, will have seen them. And I have a special treat for a friend that I will be seeing tomorrow, and that's what I can post tomorrow after I get back for Samantha's class field trip (yep, have that this week too...I'm telling you crazy week for us here at the Mommaerts' house).

I do have a question for you all...now that we are in the last month of the year, I have been thinking about the new year and what I'm going to make to post on here. So my question to you is what would you like to see? Is there anything out there that you always wanted to try, but are afraid to or don't know how to make it? Post a comment and I will try (the best that I can) to make what you ask for. I will try to do something once a month in the coming new year that you all suggest. I think this can be fun, and it's always great to read all your comments (the cookie giveaway was a blast). So have fun, get creative and I'll see what we can come up with together for the new year.

Also, I want to say thank you for those that have voted for me in the Iron Cupcake Earth Challenge. There is still time to vote if you haven't and want to. Just go to http://www.ironcupcakemilwaukee.com/ and vote for A Baker's Remix. I believe you can vote once a day for three days. Voting is open until December 4th.

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