Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gingy and Frosty

So here we go, into the crazy baking month of December. Sorry I really had no good post for you last week. With trying to get things ready for a very early Christmas, a school field trip, and the usual level of craziness here, I just couldn't get any pictures up of the cupcakes I made for a friend who just had a baby. Yep, I have another version of the baby face to show you. This time they are on cupcakes, not cookies. These little cuties where made for my birthday buddy Drina and her new little guy Emery. Congrats again Drina, Carl, and Alec on the newest member of your family.

Sleeping babies are just the cutiest in real life and in cupcakes.

Last week we drove out East for my Mom's side of the family's Christmas party. We hadn't been to the party since 2004 when I was pregnant with Samantha. And since I am basically required by law to bring desserts to any party I attend, I made some cupcakes.

I decided that I would make two toppers for the cupcakes, and of course they had to have a Christmas time theme. So off to my favorite cake supply store I went, to get a small snowman and gingerbreadman cookie cutter. Below, you will find step by step (well pretty much, as I did forget a picture of one of the gingerbreadman step) of how I made Frosty and Gingy.

12 little snowmen ready to go.

Topped with the traditional black top hat.

Red scarfs to keep Frosty warm.

2 pieces of coal (well fondant at least) for his eyes.

And a carrot nose. Frosty is ready to go.

Now on to Gingy.

White strips by his arms and legs.

And here's where I miss some pictures, like his eyes and his three little buttons. Sorry about that, crazy week and all you know. Anyhoo, here is the final product...

Gingy and Frosty on icy blue fondant disc. Gingy was a chocolate cupcake with chocolate peanut butter frosting and Frosty was a chocolate cupcake with apricot frosting. Both were a big hit.

And since no one responded to my question last week, I'm posting it again here...now that we are in the last month of the year, I have been thinking about the new year and what I'm going to make to post on here. So my question to you is what would you like to see? Is there anything out there that you always wanted to try, but are afraid to or don't know how to make it? Post a comment and I will try (the best that I can) to make what you ask for. I will try to do something once a month in the coming new year that you all suggest. I think this can be fun, and it's always great to read all your comments (the cookie giveaway was a blast). So have fun, get creative and I'll see what we can come up with together for the new year .

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