Friday, April 9, 2010

As the Cookie Crumbles

I can not believe that it is Friday already. My week, no make that my year has been flying by, especially as of late. I truly meant to post on Tuesday, but my morning got away from me. Then on Wednesday, I was away basically for the whole day (baseball game). I have two cakes that I am making for friends this weekend, so Thursday was taking up by that and by the kids' new haircuts. So here I am, it's Friday morning and I'm finally putting up my post. My oldest has been on spring break this week, so last week I made cookies for her to take to school and pass out before all the kids left for break. Samantha was so happy to have the cookies and even told one of her teachers that her mom was really talented (I swear I didn't pay her to say that). So later that day, I went to pick her up at school, only to discover that they had forgotten to give out the cookies. Luckily I was one of the first there for pick up, so one of her teachers ran in and got them and passed them out to any of the remaining kids.

When I decided to make these cookies, it was kind of hard to settle on what I was going to do. You see, I had been seeing soooooooo many cute things on the Internet, I just couldn't decide what I wanted these cookies to look like. I finally chose to make them look like baby chicks coming out of eggs. This is the first time I have made cookies completely covered in fondant. I really likes how they came out.

My egg shaped cookies just waiting to be decorated.

I started off by making the chick. I used the same cookie cutter that made the eggs cookies, and then just cut the bottom half of the fondant off.

Next, with the egg cookie cutter in hand once again, I cut out the bottom half of the egg. Using a knife, I cut out the crack of the shell.

Using a large round pastry tip, I cut out the dots for the egg shells. Then, I glued them on the shell using a little water.

I used the same technique to make the chick's eyes.

A little blue food color to help dot the eyes and orange triangle for the beaks and Eggbert was ready for the kids...or at least the kids still there to get one.

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