Monday, April 26, 2010

Double Your Pleasure

Last week, I promised to show you what else I had made a few weeks ago. I also promised to post on Tuesday...I like keeping promises, so here we go. My friend Heather called to order cake for her twin daughters', Tyla and Taya, second birthday. And in the process of ordering a cake, she decided to order cake pops instead. She didn't care how I decorated them, she just asked for something girly. She also told me that the girls were into dolls, but that was all she could really give me. So challenge accepted and completely fun to do. Right away, my old brain went a working on what I could come up with for the girls' big day. Below you will see what the they got for their 2nd birthday.

Cake pops don't start out looking too pretty, but boy do they taste good. Amazing how you can dress something up with a little chocolate....white and red chocolate as this case may be. So from these not so appetizing balls of cake and frosting I made these for the girls...

Heather and I decided to have two bunches of cake pops for the party. So with that in mine, and the fact that the girls like dolls, I made these flower pots of goodies. I made different shades of pink by mixing white chocolate along with some red chocolate melts that I had. I bought the sugar flowers at my local cake supply store. This help me take care of the girly requirement of the order. To represent the girls interest, I added two more cake pops to the order and created little cake pop dolls. Another friend of mine was kind enough to give me some pretty paper to make the dolls' dresses. Then all I had to do was add the pipe cleaner arms and draw the faces on with food coloring markers.

A doll for Tyla...
and a doll for Taya.
For displaying the cake pops, I got two terra cotta pots along with some floral foam. Then it was as easy as sticking the pops into the foam and making a nice arrangement. After every pop was placed, I added some decorative grass to help hide the floral foam and really finish off the pots. And there you have a fun alternative to a cake.

Hope you had a great birthday Tyla and Taya.

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  1. Kris,

    These are the cutest darn things!!!!! When we get to our new home and there is a party to attend, I'll have to consult with you about making some cakepops for the neighbors and start the cake pop trend in Pa.!!!! Love, MOM