Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Artist

This past weekend, we had a birthday party for my middle child, Mackenzie. It is so hard to believe that my little girl is five, but sure enough, in three days she will be exactly that. This year, we went with an artist theme. Mackenzie loves to draws, can spend hours doing it and is even in charge of the art area at school (probably because she is always there).

Here is Miss Kenzie's cake. It was pretty easy to make the art palette and I'm happy with how the cake turned out. As requested by the birthday girl, it was a chocolate cake with strawberry icing. The cake even had some fresh strawberries in one of the layers.

The idea for this cake came from pinterest. I really like the tubes of paint here and it even gave me a chance to break out my silver edible dust.

The picture was added because after the invitations were made and sent, Mackenzie informed me that she wanted a pink and purple cheetah party. So this was my compromise.

The birthday girl throughly enjoyed her special cake. :)

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  1. Kris,

    Miss Kenzie surely does look like she is in heaven and so delighted with her birthday cake!! Sorry we missed it, but are looking forward to our trip in March. Happy Birthday, Mackenzie!! Love, NANA & POPPOP