Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Congrats on being Army Strong

One of my good friends' nephew just graduated high school and her sister in-law needed a cake for the party. The sister in-law had a unique cake design she was interested in, and my friend recommended me for the job. Basically the cake was two tiered, but split in half, with each side have a different decoration on it.
The one side was to represent his high school graduation. His school colors were maroon and white, and I included a mortar board with tassel, a diploma and a book.
The other side represented him joining the United States Army. The camo design is the newer version the military uses, not the old green and brown splotches of old. I achieved this effect by applying food coloring with Qtips. And of course, no Army cake would be complete with dog tags and the Army logo.
The high school side was chocolate cake and the Army side was a marble cake. 

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