Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Momma...We're Hungry!

I hear this said to me quite often, but this time it was presented like this...

Two adorable little girl asking for some Applely Zappoly. What is Applely Zappoly you might ask? Well, I didn't know at first either, but what is became was a very tasty treat.

Along with the chopped apples, we used...

I was very happy to have the puff pastry in the freezer. I have to admit I don't always have it, but I find it makes the most wonderful things when I do.

We used the cinnamon blend and some sugar and tossed them with our Granny Smith apples.
Both my two helpers did their best at making sure all the apples got coated in the cinnamon sugar.

Then I made a braid with our puff pastry. May not look pretty right now, but the finished product sure was good.
We then brushed the braid with melted butter so the sweet apple sprinkles would stay on top.
Each girl got equal time to make sure the braid was just right.

Topped with the sweet apple sprinkles, our Applely Zappoly was ready for the oven.

We couldn't wait for me to take a picture of our creation, so here what was left after our pieces were plated.

Add a little whipped cream and we had our yummy afternoon snack...

Nice warm Applely Zappoly.

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