Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sixty Times Three Equals...

A cake for three people turning 60. Yep, that's what I have for you today. My friend Gina asked me to make a cake for her Dad's (and other relatives) birthday party. Everyone was turning 60 this year. Gina said that they were making shirts with silver angel wings for the birthday people, and wondered if I could make those wings for the cake. Always up for a challenge, I said sure. The colors being used for the party were black, white and silver, so I made a white cake (actually the cake was marble, the buttercream was white) with silver wings and a black 60. Gina also asked for some cake pops to accompany the cake.

Starting with my blank canvas (so to speak). This is marble cake covered in vanilla buttercream.

To make the wings, I printed out a picture Gina sent to me of the wings they were using. I used the print out to cut out the wings. Then I brushed them with metallic silver dust.

Mixing the metallic silver dust with some vodka allowed me to make a paste to create the details of the wings.

After placing the wings on the cake, I positioned the 60 in the center of the wings.

Using more fondant and metallic silver dust I cut out letters to wish everyone a happy birthday.
(and yes while I didn't see my error then, I clearly see it you?)

The finished cake with the cake pops. I really liked how the wings came out. I think they looked very much like the picture I had to work from. And the report from Gina was everyone loved everything, and that's all that matters.


  1. Yes Awesome! The wing thing might seem strange, but it's an inside joke between my family. They appreciated it and everyone thought is was yummy. What was the error?

  2. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the cake. I put the "and" sign backwards.