Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Blue Bird of Happiness

A month ago, I made some cakepops that looked like birds. I had seen some brownie pops dressed up as birds and wanted to do pretty much the same thing for my bunco buffet and for little favors for a playdate I was having for my oldest daughter and a bunch of her school friends.

I started by shaping the cake pop more like a strawberry then a ball. Then dipped it in blue candy melts (and a few got covered in yellow as you will see below). After they were all set, I mixed up a batch of handy dandy marshmallow fondant, coloring some a periwinkle blue and some orange.

I took little balls of the orange fondant and shaped them into little triangles. Then I used water to glue them onto the front. I used a food color marker to create the eyes of my sweet little birds.

I cut tear shaped pieces for the wings. To make them a bit more realistic, I curved the tips of the wings. I used water once again as glue, to put the wings on the side of the bird.

And there you have it, my blue (and yellow) birds of happiness.


  1. These make me smile! So cute!

  2. I have purple fondant left over from graduation so I am going to make Purple Birds of Promise. :)