Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Game On

We were party central here in Wisconsin this past weekend. And not just any old birthdays, but some milestones. We had 3 family parties to throw and attend... our oldest turned 6, Jeff's grandmother had her 90th celebration and my hubby Jeff finally turned 40. Now he has to tell people he's only a year younger then me, not the two years he usually tells people the 5 months between our birthdays.

Jeff is a little bit of a gamer, so I instantly thought of a video game cake for him. And what better video cake than an XBox.
Jeff has an XBox 360, so here is my interpertation of the game console. The cake itself was a dark chocolate with a raspberry and chocolate fudge filling. I also made a small game case to have his birthday greeting on, the controller and games in the picture are real and not at all edible.

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  1. That is so friggin cute Kris!! Can't wait to see Sam's : )