Monday, August 1, 2011

Buzz Buzz

Last week, I saw some adorable ladybug pretzels on a couple of different blogs. The creators of these cute treats were some talented ladies of Bee In Our Bonnet. After seeing their ladybugs, I wanted to try and make some myself and also make some bumblebees to go with them.

To start, I gather some colored candy melts and mini pretzels. I couldn't find any black candy melts at the store, so I got dark chocolate and added some black food coloring (and shortening to help keep it thin).

I dipped the bottoms of the pretzels to make the heads of the ladybugs and bees.

Then I dipped half of my pretzels in red candy melts...

and the other half in yellow candy melts.

I added the final touches of the ladybugs' spots and the bees' stripes and wings.

And there you have it, some cute bugs you would love to see at your next picnic.


  1. Kristine,

    These are so adorable!!!!!!!! And the display is genius. Obviously, I love them! Your unbiased MOM.

  2. So cute! What a great idea!! I am of course partial to the bee : )