Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Unsharables

Back in August of 2010, I made a batch of Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies to take tailgating before a Brewers game with our friends Aimee and Steve. The cookies where a big hit and I posted the recipe I used here on my blog. Aimee made a big batch at home one day and gave some to a friend to enjoy. Upon hearing this, Steve explained to Aimee that "these are cookies we do not share". Now fast forward to August 2011, and it's time for some Brewers tailgating again. This time we were with a pretty large group, and we decided that everyone was to bring a dish to share. I, naturally, decided to make cookies, the chocolate ones at that. But this time I made a slight recipe change.

I went a little chip crazy! I saw these Dark Chocolate Chips and knew they had to be in the cookies. And I love the Caramel Chips, so those were a must, with the White Chocolate Chips seeming to mellow and balance out the other two. I used the same recipe I posted here (although I did double it) http://abakersremix.blogspot.com/2010/08/c-is-for-cookie.html. To the batter I added a total of 4 cups of chips. The breakdown was the entire bag of the Dark Chocolate, and about 1 cup of the other two.

I once again had a hit on my hands, as all the cookies were devoured. And I am happy to say that everybody shared the unsharable cookies, even Steve.
Steve with one of the unsharable cookies!

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