Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sweets for a Sweet Girl

So to continue on with our crazy birthday weekend of August, we had our daughter Samantha's 6th birthday party. Samantha is a very energetic and creative little girl, and has been planning her 6th birthday party, well since before her 5th birthday party. (and yes she was planning her 7th before this party even started) She asked to have her birthday at Chuck E Cheese, and after that I was free to have what ever theme my heart desired. I choose a Sweet Shoppe Theme and while Samantha loves her fruits and vegetables, she did inheret my massive sweet tooth. That is why I chose the sweet shoppe theme.

I saw this gumball machine on another cake, and thought it would be great to make for Samantha's cake.

Sorry for the bad picture, it really was a crazy weekend. There was fondant gumballs, wrapped candy and lollipops decorating a dark chocolate cake with raspberry and chocolate fudge KitKat filling. The KitKat filling was Samantha's idea. The mini gumballs next to the cake were the favors, I just thought they were to cute not to have.

Here's our Happy 6 year old (still can't believe she's 6) with her cake. Before the party, she told me that her cake was beautiful and the best, oh how I love her.

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  1. Kris,

    Sam's cake was great and she certainly did enjoy her party at Chuck E Cheese! We are happy we could share the Birthday Weekend with all of you. Love ya, MOM