Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sweet Dreams

One of Samantha's classmates had a sleepover themed birthday party earlier this month. Her mom asked me to make a bed cake with seven little girls in it. She sent over a picture she found online to show me what she was thinking of. I based my cake from that photo and decorated it using the birthday girl's favorite colors of pink, red and teal.
Seven little happy faces all snug as a bug in a rug.
Her Mom said I didn't need to put all the little details that were on the other cake because she was worried they would be a lot of work. But the devil is in the details right. What's a party without cake and popcorn anyway.
And there has to be a teddy bear for sleeping.
The bunny slippers are my absolute favorite thing on this cake.  The bottle of nail polish and make-up I got straight off the invitation.
At least the cat is sleeping because we all know there is very little of that going on at a sleepover party.
The seven girls in the bed represent the birthday girl turning seven.  I know there were a lot more girls at the party, who I'm sure all slept well that night after the fun they had a the party (well, at least Samantha did).

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  1. OH, Kris, This is absolutely adorable. You did a wonderful job. I LOVE all the little touches, the bodies under the covers, the nail polish stuff, and my "personal" favorite, the bunny slippers! You ARE an artist!!!! Love, MOM