Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go Fish

This week, I had a different kind of request for a cake. My husband's cousin Lynn needed a cake for a 30 year old. Now this might not seem strange to you, but you see I don't get a lot of orders for adults. In fact this might be only my second one since I started this blog. Lynn was going to a birthday party for a friend, and when she asked the hostess what she could bring, they said cake. So, after a phone call to me, I got working on what the cake would look like. Lynn told me that the birthday boy was very into hunting and fishing. In my head, I figured that shouldn't be a problem...wrong. Since I'm so use to making cakes for kids, I never question if the figures I put on the cakes look too cartoonish. However, since I was making something for someone over the age of five, I didn't want it to look childish. And of course all the ideas popping into my head where just that. Then I came to the happy conclusion to try and make as realistic looking a fish as I could. It was fun to do, plus I got to use my metallic edible dust to give the fish some piazza.

Pretty happy with my large mouth bass here.

To add a little fun to the corners I made some cattails and pebbles.

I loved getting to use my metallic dust and the way the fish shimmered.

Even the worm and the hook got to shine.

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