Thursday, March 31, 2011

When the Moon Hits Your Eyes Like a Big Pizza Pie

At about 6:00 last night, my oldest daughter decided she wanted to make cookie pies. I told her we would have to wait until the next day as it was pretty close to her bed time. So today after school and lunch she asked again about making the treat, although this time she changed it up to cookie pizzas. So into the oven four cookies went (and I'm not going to lie here, they were slice and bake, not from scratch) and the gathering of topping began. For our "pizza" sauce we took regular white frosting and added some strawberry sauce to it so it would look a little bit like real pizza sauce. We had shredded coconut for our cheese and coconut M&Ms, chocolate chips, Dots, candy corn and rainbow circle sprinkles for our toppings.
I thought I would show the kids how to make their cookie pizza first and then let them loose to have fun. Here's the begin of mine.
And here is my finished pizza. I didn't want to over top mine as I was afraid my stomach wouldn't be able to handle all that sweet stuff.
After taking turns saucing their pizza crust, the kids went to town decorating them.
Even my youngest wanted in on the act, and wasn't going to let anything stop him from reaching the toppings.
They had lots of fun and didn't fight over the toppings or anything. It was really fun to see their different styles emerge.
Here are the finished pizzas (my oldest couldn't wait to try her's).


  1. what a fun activity Kris. Looks like everyone had a fun time. I'd have to come up with a peanut-free version, but it may be something to try with the boys over spring break. I'll post about it as well...if it happens.

    hey, if you get the chance check me out as well...

  2. That is so cute! I remember my mom doing stuff like that with me. :) What a nice idea. <3