Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's White, Black and Hot Pink All Over?

Cake pops of course. Bet you thought this was some hard riddle...nope, just a quick post about some pops. Back in the begin of March, my friend Heidi contacted me to see if I could make some cake pops for her Goddaughter's 21st birthday. I thought, sure no problem. But there was a catch, Heidi needed them right away, like in a day or two, and she asked if they could be black and hot pink. I told her as long as she trusted me, I thought I could fill the order. Supplies to make the cake pops were no problem. I had an order coming up later in the week, and had the cake and sticks I needed. My dilemma was the colors and container to display the cake pops. Here is what I came up with on short notice...

To start, I took a cardboard box and glued hot pink cupcake liners to it and finished it off with a nice black ribbon. For the cake pops, I started with the zebra striped ones. I have never ever done any kind of animal print before. I was pretty happy with them and wouldn't mind trying them again. To achieve the black coating, I took regular chocolate and added black food coloring (and shortening to thin it out). I then brushed the pops with some pearl luster dust to give it some extra sass. And the hot pink cake pops have a spiral of hot pink sanding sugar to make the color stand out. Put them all together and you have a fun, sassy cake pop bouquet for a 21 year old.

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  1. These look great! I'm just starting to get into cake pops (i'm always a little late to the party!) ... did you fill the cardboard box with anything (like styrofoam) to make the pops stay in? I'm toying with some ideas for displaying cake pops for a fundraiser coming up.